It blows my mind how clever, inspiring & amazing people can be. It makes me feel a tad insignificant THEN it inspires the b-jezuz out of me to do something myself.

Aaah, this month. What a beauty, what an angel, what a revolutionary clever babe. Doing such beautiful and amazing things! And that is what this is ALL about…

The beauty I speak of is Ms Laura Poole – Meditation teacher and founder of Laura Poole Vedic Meditation + Program Developer and Digital Content Manager of 1 Giant Mind. 1 Giant Mind hope to inspire millions across the globe to make meditation a daily practice, to encourage meditation to be as commonplace as brushing your teeth. Through meditation one can bring consciousness and fullfilment into this life, freeing OURSELVES from the negative impacts of our modern day living. They do this by offering FREE ‘learn to meditate’ programs and resources, such as their wonderful Meditation App. Download it HERE.

I initially learned of Laura through her equally inspiring partner in crime, Jonni Pollard, then had the pleasure of pouncing on her at the very first 1 Giant Mind event and knew she was someone special doing special things. Laura offers group and private sessions of Vedic Meditation, free introductory talks to discover how easy meditation is, and beautiful workshops and retreats to learn or deepen your practice:

Be sure to subscribe to the 1GM WEBSITE or like their FB to be up to date on all their events and all the cool things they are doing.

Huge enormous thank you to Laura for sharing some of herself with us all. Such a joy, and so beautiful….


Daily Rituals for the:
Mind, Body, Soul, Inner, Outer
If I got to sleep early, my day begins waking with the sun and scraping my tongue (once you scrape you can never go back) followed by some sweet morning hugs with my love. To cleanse my body I have a warm lemon, turmeric and honey drink, then if there’s time I get into some gentle flowing intuitive yoga while listening to the Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess and Ananda – a song that is simply divine. Always always always I meditate twice a day, everyday. It’s my favourite thing… a ritual for mind, body, soul and life. Some other daily rituals include raw dark chocolate, reading books from ancient wisdom traditions, laughing, letting go, seeing where I can be of greatest effect in the world (moving in that direction) and connecting with the ones I love. If I sleep in or have a really busy day – I simply mediate.

What are you most grateful for on this day:
That I’m awake to the beauty of the universe and have the tools, techniques and support from so many great beings to work through life’s challenges and connect deeply with the source of it all.

Natural Beauty to you is:
Natural beauty starts within. There’s a simple Vedic principle that your body is a direct print out of your state of mind. Whatever you think – your emotions and feelings – that state of mind gets printed out in your physiology. If your mind is overactive, distracted, and tense, then you can expect your body to be the same. However, if your mind is clear, expanded, flexible and adaptable, your body will be a natural expression of these qualities. So beauty to me is all about effortlessness, being real and working at it from the root source. Start with your mind and beauty will naturally follow.

Favourite natural beauty products:
Drinking turmeric.
Eating ghee.
Grown Alchemist face products.
Organic black sesame oil for massages.

Your daily nutrition consists of:
A changing and diverse array of vegetarian foods (usually) eaten in alignment with my Ayurvedic dosha (expect when I feel like eating chocolate and gelato). Ayurveda translates as ‘The Science of Life’ and following these principles – eating with the seasons, times of day, body type, state of mind etc. – helps you stay in balance and be conscious of what’s going on around you. There are no strict rules. Ayurveda says “Know, not No.” Know the qualities of the foods you put in your body – whether they stimulate, balance or aggravate – then design your daily nutrition around that. Understanding the principles of Ayurveda helps you master your life and quite naturally you become your own self-sufficient healer.

Greatest goal achieved in the last 2 years:
Letting go of trying to control the future (a process in constant refinement).

A recent discovery that you are shouting out there to the world (such as a cause, campaign, website, place, product, revelation):
In case you didn’t know by now… MEDITATE! Do it anyway you can. Learn with a teacher or download the FREE 1 Giant Mind learn to meditate app. It’s such a simple and effective way to get started with this life giving technique. “Give a man a fish and he’s fed for a day… teach a man to fish and he’s fed for the rest of his life.”

Ultimate way to spend the day:
Connected in my heart, out of my mind, sharing life with others.

Tips for ways in which you live a holistic life:
Meditate. Get outside your head and your house. Travel and say yes. Let go of rigid attachments to ideas and projected outcomes of the future. Life is all about experience in the moment. Be your own research project. Try new things. Talk to people you don’t know. Seek ultimate contentment within yourself.

Favourite Mantra or Affirmation:
“You deserve the best.
Never feel unworthy or unjustified in having the best.
I tell you, this is your heritage;
But you have to accept it.
You have to expect it.
You have to claim it.
To do so is not demanding too much.”

Guru Deva Swami Brahmananda Saraswati


How beautiful, how great, how inspiring! Big thank you Laura…x


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