It blows my mind how clever, inspiring & amazing people can be… It makes me feel a tad insignificant THEN it inspires the b-jezuz out of me to do something myself.

So many cool and interesting people doing cool and interesting things with their days! This month we have the pleasure of featuring Louis Lenard, the creator and owner of SLEEPING MONK herbal tonics and formulas.

I know you probably think we are only interested in the stuff that goes onto our bodies here at Hippie Luxe, but I am just as, if not waaaay more interested, in the stuff going INTO my body! I truly believe that Chinese Herbs are some of the most powerful and transformative things to bless this planet. So suffice to say I was beside myself with excitement when I came across Louis Lenard and his  ‘Sleeping Monk’ Tonics…incredibly potent, nutrient dense super tonics!


A super handsome Californian surfer, with a colourful rock n’ roll background, you bet I was even more intrigued and excited to delve deeper into the man behind these incredible creations. You can read my review on the Tonics and a little about Louis’ story in a previous post HERE

But now we are so lucky to have more from the the man himself! Huge enormous thanks and gratitude to Louis for sharing you rawness and honesty….honoured!


A little about you, what you do and why we think you are great:
I grew up in Malibu, California and operate from there currently. From an early age, I was drawn to excel at whatever I put my mind and heart into. I found out later that this was the result of searching for love and approval from others, as I lacked it for myself.

First it was surfing, then music. When the success and accolades only produced a fleeting sense of peace, I did the only logical thing I could think of – do lots of drugs. I got to experience what it felt like to destroy my body, mind and spirit and eventually the pain and demoralization reached a point where I had to change or call it quits.

So, with the familiar type passion and energy I grew up with, I completely re-focused on a healing lifestyle that helped me turn my life around and become someone that people can count on and actually respect and look up to, imagine that!

Among other healing regimens, this path ultimately lead me to the beautiful system of Chinese Tonic Herbalism, which would become the basis for the 4, (soon to be 6) products we currently offer.

With Sleeping Monk, we just want to help you build long-term health and happiness, from the inside-out. We strive to do this by carefully crafting formulas with Adaptogenic and Super Tonic herbs that regulate, balance and optimize our cells, organs and systems first – then tonify by nourishing and strengthening them. Then we’re left to flourish with more natural, grounded, calm and powerful energy, beauty and greater resistance to stress and both short term and degenerative disease.

What is your passion and purpose in life? What gets you up out of bed each morning?
Being of service gives my life meaning. I feel that, among other vehicles, that Sleeping Monk is a great way to do that, to help people feel better, in a meaningful way. I also want to have as much fun as I can, creating something positive that my wonderful daughter can also be proud of.

A moment or time in your life that ignited a ‘revelation’ presented a ‘fork in the road’ or was a complete ‘game-changer’ that took you in a new direction, closer to your truth?
Perhaps it was an early morning in 2003. I was crawling around in a trash dumpster, looking for a bag of cocaine I threw in there the night before, after swearing I’d never do it again. During my frantic and desperate search, I paused for a moment and asked myself how I’d ended up here. It planted the seed for me to get clean and sober and eventually get to where I am now.

Daily Rituals for the:
Staying connected with meditation, prayer and bouncing ideas off of people I trust.

Surfing, Gym, Tennis, Yoga and I’m just now learning Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which are also great for the other aspects as well.

Being of service and doing my best to make responsible choices that are not driven by ego and ultimately fear.

What are you most grateful for on this day:
I am grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones, (and on particularly spiritually fit days, also the health and happiness of those I don’t necessarily like). Also, I’m grateful for the feeling of what it’s like to love and respect myself as the result of my attitudes and actions.

Natural Beauty to you is:
To me, natural beauty is what makes time and space evaporate. It inspires an energetic feeling of connectedness that is true and reminds me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment.

Favourite natural health / beauty products:
Other than my own products, I really like Lotus Blooming Herbs Authentic Shilajit, Elemental Wizdom’s Metamorphosis green powder and Cleanzymes, (systemic enzymes), as well as a recent chocolate discovery by Succulent Cuisine. I love coconut water too. If I can’t get a fresh coconut, I’ll take Harmless Harvest any day.

Your daily nutrition consists of:
I’m on an incredible meal plan created by Inti Wellness. I’m eating so clean and feeling nothing short of stellar! Check her out. For me, it’s been a life-changer without a doubt.

Greatest goal achieved in the last 2 years:
Sleeping Monk, LLC., being a proud dad of a daughter who just completed her teen years with dignity and grace, for the most part! And I just finished up writing guitar for the score of a movie to be released this spring, called Soaked in Bleach.

A recent discovery that you are shouting out there to the world (such as a cause, campaign, website, place, product, revelation):
Let’s strive not for perfection, but rather to learn from our mistakes so we can be the best version of ourselves.

Ultimate way to spend the day:
From the heart.

Tips for ways in which you live a holistic life:
Make the commitment to choose powerfully, with joy in your heart. So, one the rare occasion you happen to find yourself with a pizza in your hands, make the conscious choice to enjoy it fully… no guilt, no shame. I believe the mind with which we approach the object is far more powerfully healing or destructive than the actual pizza!

Well, I’m currently working with setting boundaries, so…. “No”. Otherwise, I often find myself reciting either Buddha Tara, (for protection and compassion), or Buddha Vajrasattva, (for purification), in their short forms mostly.


Oh man, I think this is one of my favourite PDATS! So raw, so honest, so heartfelt and dripping in constant reflection, growth, wisdom and truth. So inspiring! Thank you Thank You Louis, you are a delicious creature..

Please please please be sure to check out all the wonderful things Louis is creating with his products Sleeping MonkLIKEFOLLOW and SUPPORT.

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