Herbario is a bit of an institution here in Melbourne and Australia. They have been around since the 70′s (!!) and have their one and only flagship store here in my hometown of Melbourne. Bit lucky!

Total pioneers in the industry and unbelievably authentic to who they are and what they are doing. They do their thing and do it impressively well.

They have developed an international cult following due to their expertise and high quality potent products. They are also very passionate and super generous when it comes to their knowledge, wisdom, love and time and I imagine this is why they have stood the test of time. Did I mention they have been around since the 70′s!!

Their holistic health boutique is renowned for its signature herbal remedies, nutritional therapies, exclusive skincare remedies, and face & body treatments.

Herbario integrate inner health and outer beauty. Right up my alley! Herbario products and treatments are bought to life by fusing botanical and nutritional science with holistic therapies.

I have been using the D.Tox Extract spray on my face for the last 5 night.

It is designed to use at night as a way to detox the skin whilst the skin is restoring itself. It is such a nice alternative to burdening the skin at night with creams or even oils for a change. I do find that the less you do, the better off you are sometimes.

It eliminates toxins and bacteria from the skin, whilst balancing and restoring.

I’ll double cleanse with my Indah Coconut Oil / my Stark Grapefruit Cleanse Balm OR my AEOS Cleansing Oil (an Oil basically) which thoroughly cleanses but still leaves skin clean, smooth, nourished and not stripped within an inch of its life of natural oils.

I’ll then spritz (the hell) out of my face with the D.Tox Extract, giving the skin LOADS of nutrients and enrichment from the  simple yet powerful ingredients. I think it is just beautiful and I LOVE it for my skin. As you know, I have pitta, sensitive, blemished, never happy, does-what-it-likes kind of skin.

This is what you will find inside:
Echinacea, Calendula, Aloe, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and Natural Vitamin E

It is suitable for all skin types. Derma Herbals for detox and regeneration…so clever!

I am booked in for their Face Cleansing Treatments in a couple of weeks so will be sure to let you know how it all goes.

Be sure to investigate, like, follow and share the beauty that is Herbario. Products are available to purchase online through their website too.

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