MUKTI ORGANICS. This Australian made brand is just a little bit special.

They are organic, sustainable and ethical. And all of the concoctions are really different and innovative. Plus everything smells delicious.

I have been wanting to use the entire range for a very long time now. I am a HUGE fan of their Hair Care and think the Botanical Shampoo + Conditioner is one of the best there is. I wrote about this a long long time ago, HERE.

Since then they have undergone a fancy and impressive makeover, transforming its image to match its calibre of formulations.

I recently introduced 3 of their gorgeous products into my life and we are getting along just beautifully.


Gee I was torn between this and the Cleansing Lotion as I normally just cleanse with coconut oil in the evenings and then compress with Rasasara Cleansing Compress Drops in the AM.

But it was summer and I felt like a nice fresh, face splashing style of cleansing to incorporate into my ritual.

This is a  cleanser that is great for Combination / Oily skin. Which I somewhat have along with being sensitive and unpredictable.

This lovely little bottle of alchemy lathers ever so softly and delicately and cleanses with the softest of touches, without drying or stripping the skin. Its in a base of Aloe Vera which and incorporates soothing Red Clover, Calendula and Chamomile, plus silica rich Nettle and Horsetail. Rosemary and Sage to fight off blemishes and impurities. Mountain Pepper for antioxidants.


Ooooh how I love a facial mist, a facial spritz! They are SO multi purpose. A mist can act as a cleaner, toner and hydration system for the skin. Instantaneous soothing and nutrition for the skin! Not to mention how uplifting and transformtive they can be on one’s mood and sense of being instantly. This is full of some of my favourite botanicals. Rose, Aloe Vera + Kakdu Plum

KAKADU PLUM contains the world’s highest concentration of nutrient-available vitamin C, a free radical scavenger that protects the skin from environmental harm. The ALOE VERA is full of B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides and enzymes that make it a remarkable skin food with excellent protective properties

ROSE is divine for soothing, cooling, strengthening, hydrating and repairing the it smells rather heavenly and feminine

Last but not least was the very clever TINTED MOISTURISER WITH SUNSCREEN (medium). $59.95

Now I normally moisturise the face with a Facial Oil (think Rose Hip Oil , Rasasara, Jacqueline Evans, Meow Meow Tweet, STARK Skincare) so using a ‘cream’ style moisturiser was a big deal to me.

It is SO light, and smells so lovely…my skin just loves it. Again it is full of all the lovely kakadu plum , green tea and nourishing oils such as macadamia, jojoba, and rose hip. Plus soothing and healing Rose and Calendula.

The all-natural SPF 15+ comes from Zinc oxide, at a ratio of 20% of the total formulation, this filters both ageing UVA and burning UVB rays. It is suitable for all skin types and is easily absorbed and non-greasy.

It is lightly tinted to give the skin a nice flawless, glowing finish.

It is chemical and nanoparticle FREE. Essential for a sunscreen…You can read more about the importance of Mineral based sunscreens, as opposed to Chemical sunscreens HERE.

The whole range is pretty incredible and they have just released this pretty impressive Age Defiance Vitamin C Elixir that I am quite keen to get my hands on too..

MUKTI ORGANICS is Eco-Luxe Organic Apothecary × Cruelty Free × Vegan • Gluten Free × Certified Organic & Bioactive × Native Australian Extracts



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