As you know, we think the relationship between health and skincare + cosmetics is very important!

We want you to get serious about your health, and if we can be involved in that in anyway, fab! In particular bringing awareness to natural and non-toxic product alternatives for your everyday skincare + cosmetic needs…

Ultimately we are about HEALTH, not beauty. You are already beautiful!

To do our bit we have a sweet little pack of the gorgeous INDAH ORGANICS Coconut Oil + YIN Coconut Tea to GIVEAWAY! The Indah Coconut Oil is organic and extra virgin, and is sourced and then hand pressed on the island of Bali. The Yin Tea is a fusion of 100% certified organic ingredients: Coconut Flakes, French Lavender, Pink Rose Petals, Passion Flower and Chamomile Flower to create a deep sense of inner calm. To ease mental and emotional stress, improve sleep, digestion and inflammatory symptoms. It is delicious!

Basically your chance to WIN is being a HIPPIE LUXE subscriber. This automatically gives you entry into all giveaways, now until eternity!! So be sure to subscribe via one of the links on our website.

We aim to do GIVEAWAYS on a monthly basis. It is ONLY for special subscribers like your lovely self…


I am super sorry to say that (at this early stage in the giveaway game) it is only available to Australian & NZ subscribers. Don’t be a silly billy and not subscribe though if you are from OS, we will be including all you lovely long distance beauties very soon, promise!

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