'A herb is any plant with leaves, seeds or flowers used for flavouring, food, medicine or perfume.” 

Herbs can be powerfully transformational and I try to incorporate them as many ways as I can into my lifestyle.

Dis-ease within the body is a manifestation of a deeper physical, mental, emotional or energetic issue that then goes and shows up as lovely things like: dodgy skin, unhappy hormones, fatigued adrenals, unpredictable digestion, allergies, intolerances, low immunity, inflammatory disorders, deficiencies, crazed nervous system, feelings of depression, foggy brain, lethargy….to name a few.

Herb and plant power are a wonderful way to bring harmony to the body. One should be totally tapping into the abundance of healing properties + wealth of knowledge that is Chinese + Ayurvedic medicine, and herbology.

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