Our Connection to the Moon

I love the moon and get really awestruck by it, especially on a full moon. She is well unappreciated in comparison to the sun. The moon is so powerful that I wonder why.

It dictates the tides of the ocean, it has gravitational, magnetic and energetic power. The moon is the natural satelite of the earth, it is in synchronous rotation with the earth, synchronised to meet back together and do it all again every 29.5 days. Cute!

It has a huge effect on our moods too. As the moon is the governing principle of energy on a macro level for the earth, it is also on a micro level, for us humans.

The moon is a cycle of birth, inception, growth, harvest, dissolving, letting go/death, stillness and rebirth. And this is reflected in our moods and behaviour.

Did you know Women are Lunar beings, whilst men are Solar?

A women’s cycle and the lunation cycle (moon phases) are the same cycle. A woman’s body is a true human biological clock of nature, in harmony with the ancient 13moon / 28day calendar. Not the case with our current Gregorian 12month calendar.

Before electricity, women ovulated when the moon was full, and bled when the moon was dark. The pineal gland in our brain sends messages to our ovaries, by hormones, to release an egg based on the amount of light our brain senses in the night. At the point of most light in the night (the full moon) we are programmed to ovulate. Ovulating at the full moon means we bleed at the dark of the moon, the time of least light, when the energy of the moon is more inwardly focussed and more often than not in us..

Women who live in the country are more likely to be in synch with the moon, as are women living in primitive cultures. Modern life with the artificial light and constant bright nights has disrupted our natural inclination to be in synchrony with the moon.  Not only are we meant to be synchronised with the moon phases, I imagine that we are also meant to be synchronised with each other. It has been suggested that to regulate your cycle and become more in sync with the moon you can stand out in the moons ‘rays’ at night to absorb its energy.

The unpleasant symptoms that so commonly surround a woman’s menstrual cycle are often due to women simply not being connected with their cycle and ignoring their body’s  symptoms, messages there to indicate specific emotional, or physical needs or imbalances.

Each cycle provides us with the opportunity to understand and read the messages the body gives us for any specific healing we might need.  It is a cycle, it is going to happen every month and is pretty fascinating when you think about it. Best we embrace it..

The average menstrual cycle is the same as the lunation cycle, 28 days.

Just something to think about..

“The Wise Wound” by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove, and “Lunaception” by Louise Lacey have chapters relating to this topic in particular.

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